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I would like to share with all of you certain products, accessories and services that have been invaluable to me ...


These pens have been an absolute lifesaver (or shall I say hand-saver!) for whilst I have been at Uni and just for day-to-day admin. 


@jmfitnessuk - instagram 

@arthritiswarrior - facebook 

My Grandma (unfortunately no social contact!)


  • A brew with a friend or family member 

  • Animal therapy (my favourite!) - let it be dogs, cows, calves, sheep, lambs ... 

  • Professional therapy - I have CBT sessions with a trainee called Will and he has helped me tremendously 

  • A good old sports massage - can't beat it! My go to -

  • A nature walk 

Happy Feet:


Workout Equipment:

I have found these so helpful when doing home workouts. Being unable to always lift weights due to sore hands, these are great to attach to your wrists too :) 

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